Updated 1024px Template for Blogger XML

1024px Blogger Template

I finally updated Andreas Viklund’s 1024px template for Blogger XML, and while I was doing it I also added the ability to change the color of all elements on page. Don’t like the default color blue, no problem, change it using Blogger’s Fonts and Colors screen. See the 1024px blogger template demo.

The original 1024px Classic Blogger template is still available, but I think most users now want the XML version.

The XML version still has one element that can only be changed by editing the HTML, this is the two words ‘Your Name’ in the footer. I think in the future it might be possible to automatically update this by using the Blogger’s profile name or site name, but I haven’t experimented with this yet and I figure making the change yourself isn’t that difficult really, and it’s good practice working with HTML.

So, select ‘edit HTML’ inside your Blogger dashboard, and scroll to the very bottom of the template file. About half a dozen lines up you will see the text ‘Your Name’. Change this and save your template.

To get your copy of the XML template, download the zipfile which includes the background image so that you can host this on your own account.

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