Stop the Whaling NOW!

Today the New Zealand Herald and Al Jazeera’s English Service have both run stories about the latest photographic evidence emerging in the Southern Ocean about the slaughter and murder of whales within Australian waters around Antarctica.

Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett, formerly of the rock group ‘Midnight Oil’, was reported as saying he is sickened by photos taken from the Australian customs vessel that has been following the whalers in an effort to get photographic evidence to prove that Japanese whaling for research is in fact just a front for commercial whaling.

My opinion if you haven’t guessed is that I’m disgusted, whales are an endangered species precisely because of humans and here we are taking even more innocent lives. I’d love it if all my readers would also write up a blog post about this and really get some blogger pressure going, it’s time the UN and other world governments told the Japanese their actions need to stop.

Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Protest Email
One of my readers is urging people to visit the Greenpeace website and fill in a form with your name and email address which will send an anti-whaling protest email to the CEO of Canon Cameras in Japan who is also head of the Japanese Business Federation calling on him to use his position to call for an end to whaling. Canon sponsors many environmental efforts around the world but on the issue of whaling has been silent, let’s change that. Please, take a moment to fill this form in, and take the protest right to the heart of Japanese business where it can do the most good.

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