Top 10 Free Learn To Speak Spanish Resources

Plaza del Socorro, RondaThis is my list of the top ten Free Learn to Speak Spanish resources available online. Learning Spanish is difficult enough and can be very expensive after books, courses and private tuition have been paid for, so I went hunting for free resources where I could get started. Hopefully this list Free resources will get you started too, and it is my hope that after trying some of these resources you’ll understand a few of the basics be better able to choose the right book or course for to continue your study of Spanish. If you like this list please say hi in the comments, Buena suerte aprender español y gracias por visitar mi blog.

10. Free Spanish Phrasebook to download, written by John Slocum of Amerispan, this compact little phrasebook begins with a quick guide to Spanish grammar and then over two pages goes through a comprehensive pronunciation of Spanish sounds. The rest of this 31 page book is devoted to common phrases that any tourist in a Spanish speaking country should know. You will need to register with a valid email address to get the download location but its worth it for this ebook.

9. Free Spanish ebook to download, this free Spanish ebook course available directly from me is the complete version of the popular “Spanish – Romance Language of 417 Million” and includes all three .pdf documents to print and learn Spanish. In total over 85 exercises to learn and practice including vocabulary, grammar, and miscellaneous facts about Spanish and its people. No need to register, simply download.8. Basic Spanish ebook written by Linda Plummer of Top Tours of Spain, this is a free 42 page guide which covers a lot of basic grammar in a relaxed easy to understand manner. I thoroughly recommend downloading this quick guide if you want to know how to construct sentences and questions which is after all the ultimate goal of any beginner Spanish student. No need to register, just download.

7. Complete Spanish language course from Loquella, over 60 lessons are available although you need to have the flash player installed in your browser. Read the text and listen to the pronunciation. Good resource. No registration required to participate.

6. Top 10 Learn Spanish Videos by Pam Gaulin, some of the best learn Spanish videos from Google and YouTube including alphabet and pronunciation, basic vocabulary, adjectives, numbers and counting, pronouns and more. No need to register, just watch.

5. Mango Spanish, a free language course that shows the text of Spanish language conversations and plays the audio. The basic free subscription provides 50 lessons over 1000 words to master. Registration is required and expect newlsetters encouraging your to sign up for paid subscriptions.

4. Destinos, an Introduction to Spanish. I love this resource, an entire series of 52 half hour videos that take you on a journey from Mexico to Spain and back again in the form of a Spanish soap opera. Fantastic free resource for learning Spanish but probably better used after you’ve completed a few weeks of study so you have a feel for the language. Free to watch.

3. BBC Languages Spanish is one of the best free resources online for learning basic Spanish and catching up on news in Spanish. Well worth bookmarking this site, or signup for their free 12 week Spanish course with completion certificate.

2. BabelNation Free Spanish course. I love this site, they offer free Spanish lessons, an online English-Spanish dictionary, a forum for students, and if you register, you can also sit an examination for each lesson. Registration is free, not sure if you also get a newsletter.

1. Rolling Rs Spanish Lessons video podcast by Larry Keim, and an absolutely brilliant series of videos covering simple and advanced Spanish. Watch the videos directly from their site or plug the feed URL into your favorite Podcast aggregator. Free to watch, no registration required.

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