Pixabella04 for WordPress

Pixabella04 widgetised theme for WordPress
Pixabella04 for WordPress

It’s been a long time coming, my first publicly available WordPress theme, based on the other half’s pixabella04 free html template. I’ve had a few comments here, and in my stats showing the people are actually looking for WordPress versions of my themes, so bowing to pressure, here is the first.

This is a widgetised three column wordpress theme with a separate options page allowing blog owners to choose either green, blue or red colorsets. To install, simply download the zipfile, extract, and copy the folder into your WordPress themes folder, then in your administration dashboard select a new theme. Once you’ve chosen pixabella04 you’ll see that the theme has support for adding or changing widgets in three places. The first is the top part of the sidebar where the advertising currently sits, then both left and right sidebars.

In addition, an options pages is created with a dropdown select box that allows blog owners to choose green, blue or red colorsets. The navbar in pixabella04 is set to display your static pages. Hopefully this won’t cause any problems for anyone. The navbar works but has no limits on the number of pages so blog owners with a large number of pages might have to play around with header.php to make this display correctly.

The theme has been tested in Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 7 and seems to work find in them all. Special thanks to Brand Spanking New for the icons used in the post footer.

Now, here is the wp-wordpress theme.

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