Main street in Ronda Spain

I usually don’t enjoy taking photos of street scenes, unlike pro photographers and social commentators I like pictures of tourist attractions, of events, action shots if I can get them, but today I’m making an exception.

My reason for writing about this picture is that it was an accidental photo, I was waiting for a friend on the corner next to one of Ronda’s Hostals, I’d just taken a picture of the railway station and I swung around and my finger pressed the shutter. Lo and behold when I check the photos later I really liked this one.

Anyone who knows Ronda will also know this is Avenida de AndalucĂ­a, and is looking towards the bus station which is at the end of the street and can’t be seen. Now if anyone can tell me why I like it, it might help me improve my eye for taking good photos.

Avda de AndalucĂ­a, Ronda

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