Ronda Romeria 2009 and a bit of excitement

Yesterday Ronda witnessed yet another religious procession through the streets, this time it was the turn of the Romeria, a procession that meanders through the city and out around the ridge of the Tajo valley to the Cave church Virgen de la Cabeza.

After living here for a year and a half the thrill of watching all these processions is wearing thin, one is very similar to the other, and usually the differences are so minor you wonder if the significance of the event is lost on many of the participants.

The Romeria however is slightly different, as much as it is a religious ceremony, it is also an excuse for a party, and horse and carriage (in some cases tractor and trailer) accompany the blessed virgin as she makes her way to the cave church. Inside those carriages are a bunch of people supposedly drinking water, but hidden underneath seats I spied crates of cerveza.

The only excitement of the day occurred when two horses pulling a carriage got into a fight, perhaps one was all left feet, or maybe they’ve never liked each other, anyway I happened to look down from my perch above the Almocábar Gate when I heard the commotion, and look what my camera caught. Isn’t this photo just filled with action?

Spanish horses fighting

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