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Bubblegum Theme Screenshot

Another day, another theme. I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying working on themes for serendipity blog, and this one was no different. It started as a few modifications to the ‘Carl Blue‘ theme, then as user requests started coming in, developed in its own right as a completely new theme. Don’t be fooled, it may still look similar, but underneath the hood its a very different sort of animal. Or bubblegum.

Anyway, I promised Chad I’d release it, and after many days of re-writing, fiddling around, adding styles, etc it is now available. The stylesheet is commented, and the zipfile also includes the gimp sourcefiles for some of the images. This theme is likely to stay a work in progress for a while because I’m developing a checklist for s9y themes, and everytime I discover something new I’m going to be adding to this theme. So, if you want this theme, go ahead, it currently works flawlessly with an out of the box serendipity installation, and will work with the freetag plugin. Just keep an eye on this page for updates. Please, if you like the theme, leave a comment. If its broken somewhere, or the styles don’t look nice, let me know.

I will also be using this theme as the model for a new type of theme (incorporating colorsets) that Garvin, judebert and myself have been talking about.

EDIT: 16-01-2006 Apparently static pages don’t show the color scheme, this will be fixed by tomorrow, and the zipfile updated.

EDIT 17-01-2006 As promised, the zipfile has been updated to work with the static pages plugin in article mode, and whilst overview mode does work, it needs more styling. The problem was with the plugin which outputs an incorrect the style ‘div.serendipity_Entry_Date’ and should actually be mine used ‘div.serendipity_entry_date’. Stylesheets are case sensitive, and the plugin author has I have not used the style used by serendipity blog.

The article footer (author and date) is outside the blue background at present because the plugin template file puts it here. I don’t use static pages so comments from users about how they want this styled would be excellent.

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