Adding Pages to your Blogspot Niche Website

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A lot of people laugh when I tell them that Blogspot is a fantastic platform for hosting your niche websites, they tell me you don’t really own the website, that Blogspot isn’t as functional as WordPress, or that Blogger doesn’t look appealing.

I disagree, for me Blogspot (or Blogger if you call it that) is a great platform, and it’s just got better with the addition of pages, which I think are still in beta.

In the past if you wanted to give the illusion of pages on your Blogspot blot you’d create a new blog post then backdate it so it was so far back in your blog timeline that very few people would find it. The new beta pages alows you to create a page just like in WordPress, and then select where in the template you want the menu displayed. Read More »

Grizzly Ugly Blogger Template

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Ugly Blogger themes are all the rage amongst people who want to target search traffic so I’ve created a version of Grizzly’s Ugly Blogger Template for all you budding make money online people.

Basically this theme is a copy of the theme Grizzly uses on his How to Make Money Online for Beginners. It’s ugly, no color at all except for the blue links, but it is optimized for SEO and has a bunch of widget spots configured exactly like Grizzly has.

So, you can see from the screenshot this theme is ugly, the only thing worth seeing is the way I’ve copied Grizzly’s description just to make the screenshot a little bit more interesting. In the screenshot I haven’t added extra widgets, but they can be added above the blog title, below the description, above the posts, in the sidebar, and in the footer. Pretty cool.

Ugly Blogger Theme from Grizzly

Why would you use this theme, well it’s quite simple. Grizzly believes that search engines put a premium on sites that are all content, not all good looks, and the content on this template is right up at the top of the HTML.

The first thing the spider sees is the title, then the description, then the first post, then the sidebar, then the footer; it doesn’t get more optimized than that.

Grizzly recommends this type of blogger template for niche sites that target specific keywords, it can be a site you make money online from, or a not for profit site, or just a personal blog, doesn’t matter, it’s designed to be optimized for the Google Spider, and you know what, the font is bigger, and easy for people to read as well.

To install my Grizzly Ugly Blogger Template, download the zipfile, extract the xml file, then in your Blogger Layout screen click ‘Edit HTML’ and browse to the file, then click upload. It doesn’t get easier than that. Download Blogger Template.

If you want to know why to use this theme, you really need to check out Janet Smith Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online book. She’s been making serious money from AdSense and affiliate programs by learning everything Grizzly has to teach.

Her 170 page ebook gives you step by step instructions on what you need to do to research searched keywords, then write quality content that earns you money. I bought the book last week and it’s already helping me increase my earnings.

Change Post Title URL to Homepage on

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In one of my make money online posts I explained why it can benefit your website to change the blog title link to your homepage URL instead of the post URL. In this Blogger tutorial I’m going to show you how to do this with blogspot blogs.

Once our posts disappear off the front page many will gather dust and never get any traffic or backlinks. An obvious way to make sure your blog still ranks for the keywords in those older posts is to change the post title link to your blog URL so that when the search engine spiders visit your blog they automatically rank your homepage for the keyword, as well as the post.

Blogger make it really easy to change your post title URL, but you need to configure one of the settings first before you can add the blog URL for each post. From your dashboard, click Settings, and then Formatting. Scroll to the bottom of the age and you should see “Show Title field” and below that “Show Link fields”. Make sure both have yes in the drop down box, and save.

Now, create a new blog post and you should see a new option under the Title for your post. It’s just a text box that says “Link:”. This is why I love Blogger so much. Everything is easy and doesn’t require a degree in programming.

In that box, type or paste the homepage URL, then when your post is written and published view your blog and you’ll notice the post you’ve just created now links to your homepage. That’s pretty cool, and if you write keyword rich titles your homepage URL will now start to rank for those keywords, instead of long forgotten and buried posts. Good luck.