Property Developments that Don’t Work

July 3rd, 2012 in Real Estate Agents and topic/s . Comments Off on Property Developments that Don’t Work

Isn’t it amusing when governments and banks develop property? A lot of the time what ends up being built is completely inappropriate for the conditions. Witness the latest huge development to go unsold because the new city is too far away from the city centre, and apartments too expensive for normal people to buy.

Except this isn’t in the USA or Europe, this isn’t another crisis of confidence in US domestic property sales, or another failed Spanish development for wealthy expatriates. This is a development in Angola financed by the Chinese as part of a trade agreement where China gets oil and helps lift Angola out of extreme poverty after years of civil war. Here’s the BBC link to read about it.

What I noticed about this almost immediately is that you have two socialist governments trying to be capitalists, and that never works. Socialist ideals of building a new city away from the dirt and poor infrastructure of the capital city will work, if the property being built is for the people who are most suffering from the problems of the capital city.

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Google+ for Real Estate Networking

November 13th, 2011 in Real Estate Agents and topic/s , . Comments Off on Google+ for Real Estate Networking

When it comes to promoting products that have limited buyers, real estate is a great example, spending too much time or money to reach the buyer eats into profits or commissions quickly and long term makes you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. I’ve already touched on five things a real estate agent should be doing, and in this article I want to draw attention to some new things you might not know about.

Aside from the disastrous economy and slow sales, the reality is that successful realtors from 2 or 3 years ago are mostly still successful today, so they must be doing something different and it isn’t hard to figure out what.


That really is it, the successful realtor from 10 years ago, 2 years ago, or today, will be the same successful realtor next year or in five years because they have a network of people around them who have property for sale, and people who want to buy or lease property. Do they build their network and then kick back? Nope, they understand that networks of people change constantly, and they make sure their network is always uptodate.

With more and more people selling or buying by using the Internet to research pricing for comparisons, or background information, it’s important that they find you as part of their search. And this sadly is where too many agents lose out. They think it’s enough to have their business number listed in the online yellow pages, or to join industry forums which the average buyer/seller will never visit.

The truly successful agent understands that the real estate market is 100% based on peoples interests. People talk, people socialise, people complain etc. And online the best place to do those things is on a personal blog, a social networking website, or some interest based forum. But there is something new on the horizon now that is growing in popularity and allows us to blog and socialise, whilst at the same time search for people who have similar interests that might indicate an interest in property.

And as a real estate agent you need to be using this new service now to build credibility. The service is Google+. I’ve been using it since the service started and it’s helping me a lot to find buyers for my property listings – make sure you use the saved search tool, it’s similar to Google Alerts but let’s you connect directly with the person you want to speak to instead of just a contact form on their blog or the messaging service in Facebook. Good luck.

Top 5 Technology Tools for Real Estate Professionals

October 15th, 2011 in Real Estate Agents and topic/s . Comments Off on Top 5 Technology Tools for Real Estate Professionals

In a previous post I wrote about the top 5 Internet tools for real estate, and in this post I’m going to quickly describe 5 other tools that should be considered mandatory for a realtor who wants to be successful, especially in this depressed market where quickly getting information to your client makes the difference between gaining their trust and selling, or losing them altogether.

First things first, are you connected to the web? Do you already have a website for your property listings? Are you already using mobile Internet for uploading photos to Flickr, videos to YouTube, and updating Twitter to let prospects know what’s happening in your market? If not, #fail and back to class for you!

So now that you’re ready to embark on the next stage, let me tell you there are several different sites you can use to find prospects or market yourself better without having to cold call. What do you need to do? You need to setup Google Alerts for keywords relating to your town and as well as selected phrases like house for sale, buying a new house etc. Google then tracks all mentions of these in forums, blogs, Twitter, even public Facebook posts and serves them to you in an email so you can go add the writer to your follow list.

If you have a smartphone or tablet computer all of the alerts you just setup in the step before can be pushed directly to your device wherever you are, possibly giving you the opportunity to contact the writer while they’re hot, that is shortly after they’ve published their post or comment. To be specific though, go for an iPad or iPhone, or both because… Read More »