Premium themes anyone?

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White Label Theme?

A few of my regular readers will know that the other half and I regularly put together HTML templates that we give away for free and promote on Open Designs amongst other places.

This works really well for us, it gives us massive backlinks and improves our Technorati rank, in addition to giving us constant traffic from people who click our designer link to see more themes. We all know building solid backlinks in a fickle blogging world is difficult, this is why I consistently recommend giving something away to get more exposure.

Recently we’ve had a couple of not so pleasant experiences with clients who wanted custom themes for WordPress, except they couldn’t work out what they wanted and ended up costing us a lot of money. So, we’re throwing around the idea of producing attractive looking templates based on 2 or 3 column layouts, and then selling a link in the footer to your site, or if you’re an SEO, then to one of your client’s sites. Alternatively, we could sell the entire theme with resell rights. Read More »

Add This Bookmark and Share Widget Code for Serendipity Templates

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This one is for Harald, but any Serendipity user will be able to use the code so keep reading. The Add This Bookmark and Share Widget is the little box you see under my entries that pops up and let’s users stumble or bookmark my entries.
[Hint] press the friggin’ button right now! [/Hint]

So, the code needs to go into entries.tpl of the template you’re using, just open this in your favorite text editor, and find the entry footer code for plugins which will look like this {$entry.add_footer}. Now add an HTML breakline <br /> then paste the following code;

<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button BEGIN -->
<script type="text/javascript">
addthis_url = '{$entry.rdf_ident|escape:url}';
addthis_title = '{$entry.title|escape:url}';
addthis_pub = 'carlgalloway';
</script><script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>
<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button END -->

You need to replace ‘carlgalloway’ with your own ‘Add This‘ username, so make sure you’ve created an account. Once you’ve done this, upload the new entries.tpl to your blog server and enjoy the rush of stumbles and bookmarks you’ll get. Don’t forget to press my button!!

Hawaii Template for Serendipity Released

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serendipity templates
Hawaii s9y Template

This has been a long time in the making but finally it’s here, a content first CSS only three column design based on ceejay’s Pixabella05. Read More »