Testing my MAMP webserver, ready to start templating again

February 27th, 2007 in Uncategorized and topic/s , . Comments Off on Testing my MAMP webserver, ready to start templating again

Yesterday I finally found the time to play with my MAMP install again, its working just the way I like it now, even down to reinstalling my various test serendipity installs.

After I’d done that I tested the mac versions of Opera, Firefox and of course Safari with all my templates. A couple of small things need fixing in some of the templates which Safari seems to struggle with, but these are older templates that don’t seem to be widely used so I think I can probably delay updating them for another few weeks.

The real shock came when I reconfigured the Windows XP VM in Parallels so that instead of using WAMP, it now directly connects to MAMP on the OSX host system. I had to configure dedicated IP’s on the local network but once this was done it worked really smoothly.

So, what was the shock? IE7! A couple of my templates have small errors in them that I remember spending days fixing for IE6 only to discover that on the XP guest they seem broken. Which is really odd, most problems in IE6 that work differently in IE7 are because IE7 actually works properly, but in these templates its totally screwing small things up. I doubt that most users would even notice, but to me its annoying.

On the other hand, there are also a couple of things where I may have screwed up which I’ve just found, for example, the Be Nice template has a small arrow positioned to the left of the entry title, but when the title wraps onto multiple lines IE7 is positioning the arrow so that it sits left middle instead of left top. I haven’t checked the CSS yet, but every other browser positions it left top so the CSS is probably correct. And of course that means more hacks to get IE7 working. Argh!

Also, the template I’m using now seems to have some Safari glitches, the contact form occasionally renders incorrectly, and since I planned to release this template I think I better get cracking fixing it. Also I made some bold statement about releasing 50 templates this year, and the clock is ticking. Fortunately I have several incomplete mockups waiting to be coded, and there are some really nice open source templates that I want to port.

For any readers of this site who are also following this thread in the Serendipity forums, you’ll be pleased to know that the bulletproof template Matthias and Dave have been working on is in fact bulletproof. I couldn’t break it.