How To Use Forum Signatures To Increase Traffic and Backlinks

A forum signature
Forum Signature

Let’s cut straight to the chase. You’re a webmaster, your website needs traffic, and you need to see your site listed in Google’s SERPs. I bet you’ve tried a hundred different ways to do this, but right now we’re going to talk about how to use forum signatures to increase traffic and backlinks.

Other people’s forums are a great way to get traffic to your pages, best of all you get to choose which page that traffic lands on. And if you need backlinks, wow, it’s so easy to do, just reply to threads, it’s a no brainer! OK, back to reality, if it was that easy we’d all have success with forum signatures. So why do some people get the traffic and loads of backlinks, and others don’t. Well, like anything, you have to know what you’re doing. Any expert can tell you to post in forums, but most don’t tell you how. Your search engine optimization depends on it.When you join a forum, there are two things you want to know, can you use it to generate backlinks, and will you get traffic from the forum? So first things first, is the forum related to your major keywords, or are you able to post keyword related threads without spamming the forum?

Active forums don’t always exist within a lot of profitable, so you may need to find a forum that covers your niche. Backlinks from a large forum in your niche is like a free gift from heaven, search engines love them, and they’ll love your backlinks.

Second, are forum signatures allowed, and if so, are the forum pages indexed, and most importantly, has the site owner used ‘nofollow’ tags or not? If they have, don’t ignore the forum, it might still drive traffic to your pages. If you stand a chance of getting traffic from this forum, it needs to have a large active membership, and this is important, it’s a good thing if the forum has a lot of new members joining and then falling away. If you can become the expert that answers their questions, you’ll be in their face, and your site might get their loyalty.

Constructing your forum signature takes practice and skill, of course you can keep changing it every day to get it perfect, but here’s a good rule of thumb, think of your sig as a small classified ad. You’ve got maybe 5 or 6 words maximum to get your message across. It needs to be short and punchy. Having trouble, why not Google your major keyword, and see how AdWords advertisers construct their ad.

Try not to forget that many forums also allow their members to use an avatar, you can use this for advertising as long as your avatar doesn’t break their rules. Most forums also keep a profile of each member. Start threads that include your keywords in the title, now when forum members or search engine spiders check out your profile, they’ll see your name, your website URL, and your keywords in the threads you started. This kind of publicity is free, and takes only a few minutes to do.

Last but not least, your responses in forums need to be written well, I’m talking good grammar or spelling. Try to include your keyword in your forum response, not just your signature. You might be surprised at just how powerful this is when you check your SERPs.

Following these steps on how to use forum signatures to increase traffic and backlinks will make an immediate difference to your SEO and traffic building initiative, give it a go!

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