Hawaii Blogger Template Updated

Hawaii Orange Template

I’ve made a substantial update to the Hawaii template, and it now includes two variants, the original content-sidebar-sidebar layout, and an additional sidebar-content-sidebar layout. View the demo

The Hawaii template is also being ported to Serendipity, and may get ported to WordPress, unless someone else beats me to it – anyone up for the challenge?

So getting back to Blogger, the Hawaii template updates include better support for ordered and unordered lists, more accessible font sizes, all links now showing in blue with an orange hover, and built-in resizing to fit within Blogger’s edit widgets screen instead of breaking outside the iframe (mostly a problem in Firefox).

The only part of the template that needs to be edited for your own needs is the navigation bar, and to do this simply select the ‘Edit HTML’ screen and find

<li><a href="#">About Me</a></li>

Change the # sign to the URL of the link you want to use, and the About Me text to something more meaningful for your needs.

As per usual, download Hawaii XML Blogger template hawaii zipfile and then host the images on a free platform, or upload them to Blogger in a draft post.

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