Ignore Keyword Density, Look at Word Clouds Instead

October 6th, 2012 in SEO, Traffic and topic/s , , , . Comments Off on Ignore Keyword Density, Look at Word Clouds Instead

One of the most challenging things to get right in SEO and producing content for a website is keyword density, too much and you get flagged for spam, too little and you might not rank for your niche.

All things being equal, and provide your competition isn’t too strong, if you have a well written website with lots of good quality content written for people, then you should see your site listed in Google or Bing, and if you’ve done a very good job you might also be on page one.

So how do you know if your keyword density is just right? Well there are any number of sites that will give you a density percentage, but I prefer to ignore those because they assume that writing for Google is more important than writing for people.

What I mean is that SEO experts will tell you not to exceed a keyword density of 1.5%, or 2%, or whatever their pet favourite is based on hatever article they read quoting some Google employee – you know who I mean. Read More »

Micro Niche Finder Mini Review

February 23rd, 2010 in SEO, Traffic and topic/s , . Comments Off on Micro Niche Finder Mini Review

A few weeks ago I bought a license for Micro Niche Finder, a Windows based keyword analysis tool for Internet Marketers and people who want to start on the make money online journey. The thing is that finding keywords is difficult, sure you can analyze and analyze, but the reality is that you need a formula if you’re going to be successful.

I’m lazy. Yup, I’m an Internet Marketer, but I don’t like work even if it means I’m going to make money from doing the work. For me keywords research is a chore. You go to Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool and you punch in the keywords you want to target, then you… it’s hard work and I doubt anyone actually enjoys it.

Tools that make it easy to analyze keywords are becoming more popular with IMers because we’d rather spend time building content or getting backlinks than chasing down keywords. In fact every successful Internet Marketer will tell you that building backlinks to your sites is at least 90% of your workload. Read More »

Use StumbleUpon to Build Backlinks

November 21st, 2009 in Social Media and topic/s , . Comments Off on Use StumbleUpon to Build Backlinks

OK, this post is in my SEO category, and you’re probably thinking if I write about StumbleUpon I can’t know what I’m talking about, after all every expert will tell you that being stumbled might bring in traffic, but it’s worthless traffic that doesn’t convert.

Well in most cases you’d be right, but have you ever thought of using StumbleUpon to build backlinks, no, not from being stumbled, but instead from making sure you set your toolbar to show you related websites that you can comment on.

Here’s what I do. I know one of my websites is in the make money online niche, so I set my SU profile to show me other make money websites, then I click the Stumble button on my toolbar to show me the next site in the niche.
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